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Approved Certifiers of Construction

AKD  are an Approved Certifier of Construction, certified to carry out Electrical work requiring a Building Warrant.

What is a Building Warrant Approved Contractor (Electrical) ?

A building owner may employ Approved Certifiers to ensure work meets building regulations. The status of “Approved Certifier of Construction” is only given to people who hold the appropriate qualifications and have sufficient experience to certify that an installation is compliant. Approved Certifiers of Electrical Installations must be approved electricians who are suitably qualified.  

Using an Approved Certifier of Construction is peace of mind for an owner or developer carrying out work that requires a building warrant. A Certificate of Construction provides assurance that the work carried out complies with the building warrant and building regulations.

When selecting a contractor, it would greatly benefit you to choose an Approved Certifier of Construction to ensure you comply with building regulations and to be sure that your project meets the mandatory technical standards set by building regulations.

An Approved Certifier of Construction must be a member of a Scottish Government approved Certification Scheme.

AKD are members of the Certification of Construction scheme through SELECT for Electrical Installations to BS7671. 

The Approved Certifier Registration Mark is used to identify Approved Certifiers and the registration mark can only be used by firms and individuals on the Certification Register membership number SEL1-CB-00016.

Why use an Approved Certifier of Construction like AKD? 

As the building owner you are legally responsible for ensuring that building work, design or construction (electrical installation) meets the appropriate building standards.

The best way to achieve this is to use AKD, a building standards "Approved Certifier" who, when a building warrant is needed, can provide you with confirmation and the appropriate certification that our work meets the applicable standards.

It is important that you use building professionals (electrical contractor's like AKD) who meet the following criteria…

  • Approved Certifiers of Construction
  • Qualified in their profession or trade
  • Experienced in their field of work
  • Understand building standards

AKD fulfill all of the above to provide you with the assurances you need when undertaking any electrical installation works.AKD won an award for "Best Promotion of Certification" at a recent industry awards event

AKD won an award for "Best Promotion of Certification" at a recent industry awards event  

Benefits of using AKD as an Approved Certifier of Construction

  • Assurances that our work will meet building standards
  • You will receive a high quality of service from a long established contractor
  • The work will be carried out by an approved and reputable company
  • Your installation will be conducted by trained and highly competent electrical professionals
  • Approved Certifiers must have high levels of qualifications
  • Approved Certifiers are subject to independent monitoring
  • Approved bodies carry professional indemnity insurances
  • Robust complaints procedure operated within the scheme
  • Discount on the full building warrant fee

Further benefits

  • Any work covered by a certificate issued by an Approved Certifier requires no further checking by the local authority, speeding up the building warrant application process or the acceptance of completion certificates.
  • Approved Certifiers provide greater flexibility and more efficient designs and installations due to their up to date knowledge of new innovations and technologies

Certificates of Design or Construction

The certificate of design should be included with your application for a building warrant. It tells the local authority that the design work covered by the certificate meets building standards.

The certificate of construction should be included with your completion certificate submission to tell the local authority that the finished work covered by the certificate meets building standards.

Upon completion of any electrical installation and testing work carried out on your behalf, AKD as an Approved Certifier will give you a certificate to be sent to the local authority to show that the work complies with building standards.

Government approved schemes

The approved shemes currently operating cover the following areas:

  1. Certification of Design (Building Structures)
  2. Certification of Design (Energy Efficiency)
  3. Certification of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS7671) - a qualified electrician, with a combination of knowledge, skills and practical experience will ensure the electrical installation is safe and meets the applicable building standards
  4. Certification of Construction (Drainage Heating and Plumbing)

Please see the attached PDF for more information on the Certification schemes which are run by the following organisations:


AKD is approved NICEIC and Select