VoIP and Avaya Phone Systems
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VoIP and Avaya Phone Systems

The fu​ture of phone system communications is here!

Avaya telephone systems are the World’s #1 for VoIP technology – with the awards to prove it.  Utilising VoIP on your Avaya IP phone system. The Avaya Office 500 PABX will save any sized business money, while also allowing you to:

  • Link multiple sites easily 
  • Work from anywhere (remotely)
  • Reduce staff numbers
  • Slash phone call costs

What is VoIP?

VoIP is state of the art technology that allows you to speak on a phone, send it over the internet as “data packets”, and reassemble it all in a split second to sound completely normal to the person on the other end of the line.

VoIP is simply “Voice”, or a normal phone call, going over the internet instead of traditional Telstra phone lines. VoIP is different because you don’t need cables - you just need an internet connection.

VoIP can save almost any Avaya phone system user money, however if you have multiple business locations, then you can really reap the benefits and save even more: 

  • FREE calls between offices and off-site staff
  • Employ 1 receptionist for all sites. You’ll save on wages and it’s more productive and professional!
  • Have calls transferred to your home, hotel room and back again! You can offer your staff the flexibility of working from home and your clients will never know
  • Make calls, receive calls, listen to voicemail etc., all from a laptop or PC
  • So much more!!!

Why are Avaya IP phone systems the best for VoIP?

Avaya telephones combine the latest features and incredibly user friendly software with proven technology – so you’ll get all the benefits of VoIP with the reliability that comes from the world’s leading phone system.

Digital handsets are a far more stable platform than VoIP handsets because they give the added benefit of ensuring you’re never totally reliant upon your data network for communication. (i.e if your internet is down for any reason, you will still be able to make phone calls and conduct business). 

And if you need any other reason to switch to VoIP with Avaya digital phone handsets – they’re also cheaper than the Avaya VoIP phones so you’ll save money there too! 

All you need for VoIP with Avaya telephone systems is to purchase the particular VoIP licences you require.  You have 3 options for Avaya IP PABX VoIP licences:

  • Individual user VoIP licences:  To connect users that work from home back to your Avaya IP telephone system, you simply need a VoIP licence for every person connecting. For example, if you have 5 staff members working from home or remotely, then you will require 3 licences.
  • VoIP trunk licences:  These licences link two or more Avaya IP telephone systems together, in a similar way to phone lines.  For example, if you have 4 VoIP trunk licences between 2 sites it means that you will only be able to make 4 VoIP calls between the sites at any time.
  • VoIP SIP Trunks:  This is where you connect to your phone provider strictly through your internet connection and get rid of the need for phone lines completely. The option of SIP trunking is not offered by many carriers and is typically only offered for larger organisations.  The benefit of SIP trunking is the phenomenal call rates and no line rentals!   

At AKD we’ll help your business avoid the VoIP pitfalls so you can begin to reap the VoIP benefits. Call our friendly, expert team today and discover what VoIP and Avaya phone systems can do for your business today!

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