AKD Electric Vehicle Chargepoint installations growing further interest.

December 24, 2020 8:07 pm Published by


With Electric Vehicles (EV) growing in popularity – AKD have continued to be very busy installing EV Chargepoints for both Domestic and Workplace clients within properties across the UK.

We offer bespoke solutions of EV Chargepoints to each client’s requirements including Easee, PodPoint, Wallbox, EO, Rolec, OHME and more, a home or business ChargePoint can save you the inconvenience of finding a public charger to charge your vehicle and of course your vehicle charges whilst you sleep or carry out your daily duties.

Did you know?

• Plug-in sockets (13 amp) aren’t satisfactory for prolonged use to fully charge your vehicle.

• EV Chargepoints shall of course charge your vehicle faster than a plug-in 13amp socket due to increased power supplied.

• There are grants available to supplement the costs of the chargepoint installation.

With so many chargepoints installed over the last 3 years, we would love to share our work with you –

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To find out more about AKD EV Chargepoints Installation go to our EV Services page or contact us for a quote today and start your journey to the electric future with AKD. 

You can call your local office or send us an email and one of our industry experts will arrange a call and if required a full survey;

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