We’re pleased to say that we have re-registered and qualified to design and implement Solar PV [Photovoltaic] installations, as an accredited member of MCS – the standards and governing body for renewable energy generation. This can be complemented (if desired) with Scalable Battery Storage solutions within residential and commercial settings.

The certification required the completion of design, installation and commissioning courses relating to Solar PV and EESS (electrical energy battery storage), and took almost a year to complete. Did you know some companies that install Solar PV are not MCS-accredited? The scheme has become the leading industry-led framework for quality assurance in home-grown renewable energy technologies.

Generating free, green electricity during daytime hours, solar panels can dramatically lower your demand for energy from the grid and save on energy bills. Any surplus power can be sold onto the grid, or stored within purpose-built battery storage solutions to use when the sun goes down. It will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and all generation from the system can be monitored via an app on your phone or tablet device.

Solar panels work well in the UK, producing enough energy to power your home with free electricity. Solar panels produce even on cloudy days and don’t require direct sunlight, which – given the changeable weather of the UK as a whole – is great news. Off-grid (island mode) installations are also available for outbuildings, usually combined with battery storage. We are proud to be a member of the HIES Consumer Code, with all work carried out guaranteed by this for your peace of mind.