Commercial lighting design and installation

Lighting systems have dramatically improved in recent times. When it’s smartly designed, correctly controlled and well positioned an energy-efficient system uses much less power, that cuts your energy bills. 

AKD can help you take advantage of low energy commercial lighting.

Our options that can help you cut costs includes:

  • lighting design 
  • office lighting
  • interior lighting
  • upgrade LED lighting systems
  • exterior lighting 
  • emergency lighting
  • security floodlighting.

We understand lighting’s importance to your business and bottom line. On one hand, poor lighting can reduce productivity and lower morale. 

But well-installed, efficient lighting creates the best environment for your employees and visitors.

Our lighting control systems give you the best possible options. With a small initial outlay, you can reap long-term returns. It’s a smart investment that pays for itself in a few years, and cuts your energy bills for many more.

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